“My highest commendation goes to Royce Roeswood, an actor possessing great skill and reckless abandon. He confidently seizes a moment, and joyfully has his way with it. Roeswood embodies his character Jules as if the part was written for him, which is one of the best reasons to go see “boom”. He is likeable, smart, and comfortable on stage.” Phil Doyle, Mile High Gay Guy

“Royce Roeswood leaps onto the stage with such energy and life that it shakes the roombringing wonderful comedic moments to the already fascinating show.” Deb Flomberg, Denver Theater Examiner

“Schmendiman, played by Royce Roeswood, is pure comedy – a hilarious role played well to the hilt for maximum humor.” Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune

“Royce Roeswood is understated and fantastic as Jules. With the kind of charm and humor that makes Jim Parsons so delightful on “The Big Bang Theory.” The difference between Parsons and Roeswood, however, is that Roeswood is also incredibly human and delightfully warm.” Deb Flomberg, Denver Theater Examiner

“Royce Roeswood as the young Reuven Malter is absolutely wonderful, bringing a curiosity about the world and an earnest performance that makes him an incredibly sympathetic and real character.” Deb Flomberg, Denver Theater Examiner

“Roeswood’s Reuven, though introverted compared with Danny, is the most reasoned voice in the story, as one would expect because the story is told from his perspective. Roeswood makes this stick with a thoughtful presence that connects Reuven to the narrator, his older self.” Bob Bows, Denver Post

Innocence and transparency prove to be the emotional solvent for Royce Roeswood as he reconciles … an unconscious emotional roller coaster careening from infatuation to despondency.” Bob Bows,